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Fees & Payment

Carolina Total Wellness strives to provide certified, cutting-edge medicine at competitive prices without additional fees or mandatory subscription for services.  We do not charge for messaging between visits, phone contact, medical chart reviews, letter writing, etc.  All new and follow up functional medicine visits include consultations with your health coach without additional fees.

Carolina Total Wellness operates as a self-pay clinic. We accept cash, checks or credit cards for services rendered.  Many patients choose to use a HSA for payment.  We provide a detailed, coded invoice for services provided which can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement claims.  The amount reimbursed by your insurance depends entirely on the type of insurance you carry.

Functional Medicine Visits

Initial Functional Medicine New Patient Consultation: $895.00

Please allow 2 hours for your initial visit, which will include approximately 1.5 hours of in-depth consultation, review of medical records and physical exam by your functional medicine physician and approximately 20 to 30 minutes of consultation with your health coach. We will review with you the procedures for obtaining initial diagnostic laboratory testing if needed at your initial visit.

Medical Office Visit or Video Follow up 60-Minutes: $335.00

The medical follow up visit will last between 30 and 40 minutes with your physician and will be followed by a 20 to 30-minute follow-up visit with your health coach. The frequency of subsequent follow-up visits will depend entirely on your unique health conditions and treatment plan. Some patients will require medical follow up every 2 to 3 months initially, whereas others may need to be seen much less frequently.

Health Coach Visit or Video Follow Up

30 Minutes:  $90.00,  60 Minutes: $175.00

We offer health coaching sessions for established patients without an accompanying medical consultation by your physician. These sessions are ideal for those who are interested in achieving better overall health through hands on dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Allergy Visits

Initial Adult and Pediatric Patient Allergy Drops Visit: $235

Please allow 30 minutes for your initial visit which will include consultation with your physician and discussion of allergy testing.  Your physician may recommend blood testing for environental and/or food allergy evaluation. Once lab results have returned, a prescription will be provided for allergy drops and we will review how to administer these at home. 

Follow up Allergy Drops Visit: $85

Please allow 15 minutes for your follow up allergy visits. This will include review of your allergy symptoms and immunotherapy plan of treatment as well as new 3 month prescription for allergy drops.  Follow up visits are recommended every 3 months for the first year and then every 6 to 12 months for the subsequent 2 to 4 years, depending on your response to treatment.


Forms of Payment

We accept cash, checks or credit cards for services rendered. Payment is expected at time of service.  HSA credit cards or checks are accepted.  We do not accept Care Credit.

Credit Cards Accepted:

  • Carolina Total Wellness Accepts Visa
  • Carolina Total Wellness Accepts MasterCard
  • Carolina Total Wellness Accepts American Express
  • Carolina Total Wellness Accepts Discover

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