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Aging Gracefully

Sara Yadlowsky, FMHC

Aging is inevitable. Irrespective of our efforts to appear youthful or feel younger, aging will catch up with us eventually. However, vitality is the key to aging gracefully.

Vitality embodies an energy of involvement, appreciation, and liveliness. It represents a harmonious blend of pleasure, purpose, and significance. When we are full of these feelings, we experience a vibrant, open responsiveness.

An excellent question to ask yourself is: How vibrant am I? Vitality manifests as an ability to openly express profound emotions. It’s evident in hearty laughter, streams of tears, and a willingness to engage fully without concerning oneself with outcomes, approval, or social media “likes.”

The most vibrant individuals:

  • Seek opportunities to make a positive impact and follow through with action
  • Dedicate themselves to continuous learning from others
  • Exemplify remarkable generosity and openness
  • Embrace both laughter and tears with equal intensity
  • Share a deep connection with the spiritual realm
  • Are willing to be authentic even if it means being unpopular

This level of aliveness represents soulful fitness, which is not tied to appearing younger than our years. Soulful fitness results from a stead fast commitment to and consistent practice of the vitality-enhancing measures mentioned above.

An excellent idea is to meditate daily with the thought that this could be your last day alive, and let this awareness guide you to fully embrace and cherish each day.

Aging can be viewed as a profound opportunity to establish deeper roots and witness more abundant blossoms. We can perceive the beautiful trajectory from innocence (youth) to ambition (productive years) to wisdom (later years)as a magnificent symphony, with each phase a complete and essential component of a breathtaking unity.

Aging is not an error or shortcoming, but an invitation to embrace life more fully.

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Sara Yadlowsky, FMHC

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